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Keiana C.
Gaithersburg, MD
Definitely spoiled me, when I came in everyone was very welcoming and attentive. Although they were super busy I waited no more than 5 mins and was seen by a nail tech. I believe her name was Judy & she went to work. I mean from the process to finish touch she paid attention to detail. As someone who is big on detail and craft I appreciated that.

The gentlemen Andy who I would assume the owner was walking around making sure everything was okay. He was smiling and just overall cheerful. I liked that because it is rare you get that at nail salons.

They get really busy in the afternoon so I suggest making an appointment.

Overall best experience I had with getting my nails done.
Danielle C.
Gaithersburg, MD
So glad I listened to the yelp reviews.
Called this morning to set up an appointment and they got me right in.
I saw nickie today and she did lovely. I explained that I like the white tips on my French manicure a bit thicker than normal and she was very accommodating. (:
The salon is beautiful and I loved the decorations. Quiet atmosphere, CLEAN and friendly staff.
The prices are affordable and their brochure offers so many different type of services. I will definitely be coming back.
$40 for a French gel mani! Thank you Nickie!!! (:
May C.
Fayetteville, NC
Very beautiful salon and very clean too!!! I walked in in a Weekday & took me rt in. A male tech did my nails & a female tech did my design. Very happy w my shellac nails (#37) total was $40
$5 design. Paid with cash so got a 5% discount came out to $38.
Cat L.
Gaithersburg, MD
Bella has set the bar extremely high for my first mani-pedi experience. The salon has only been open for about 10 months (as of this review) and has a beautiful interior and plenty of space. Everything inside, from the massage chairs and jet foot baths to towels and tools, are new, clean, and of top-notch quality. Both the nail polish and the gel color selections are huge.

My party of 4 walked in on a Friday afternoon without an appointment and were serviced immediately. We all got the signature package ($60), which I thought was slightly pricey but still a decent value. We all had fantastic technicians (Jennifer, Bill, Kevin, and Tina) who were attentive and courteous. The spa pedi treatment was the highlight of the package for me - I could have sat in that massage chair forever! My nails turned out beautifully, and the 4 of us were among the only customers and never felt rushed at all.

The location is great and just across the street from the new Wegmans. I will definitely come back here if I'm in the area.

You can pay with credit card, but bring cash to tip!
Michelle M.
North Miami Beach, FL
This was my first visit to the salon. I will breakdown my rating as follows:
Appearance/Atmosphere: 5 stars. decor was beautiful and the music selection was very relaxing.

Wait time: 5 stars. 10-15 minute wait without an appointment on a Saturday morning arriving between 10-10:30.

Service: 5 stars. Friendly greeting upon entering. The manager (do not know his name) kept me informed as there was a bit of a delay and he let me know my technician would be with me soon. I had one other in my party also getting a mani/pedi who was being serviced while I waited. I really appreciated his attention.

Tech: Classic Pedicure-Very gently, not chatty however she did not offer any additional sevices. At first I thought hey they are not trying to push additional services; until I heard the tech next to her ask her client if she would like a callous treatment. I have never in all my years of going to nail salons not to have been asked about additional services i.e lip wax, eyebrows, callus treatment etc. Granted i did not walk in with a beard or an overly bushy unibrow but they clearly need to be cleaned up. The offer would have been a nice gesture that I would have reconsidered doing if it wasn't getting late and i didnt want my friend to be late. Overall 3 stars

Gel Manicure-same tech wish I got her name but she didn't seem interested in what she was doing so I didn't ask. Job done was neat and clean nothing special. 3 stars

I will visit again as I watched some of the other techs that were more customer oriented as well as try the techs recommended by other customers.
Kathryn L.
North Bethesda, MD
I was serviced by Kathy this time & as with my first visit, I was impressed. Kathy is very precise with her techniques and friendly. She did a great job with my pedicure & ingrown nail, that she took care of quickly & pain free.

My gel nails turned out even better this time around as I didn't have a color issue or the need for extra coats. The extra layers are not good for your nails or cuticles.

I opted to get my eyebrows & upper lip waxed. I'm not sure if it was the wax or the strips, but it left parts of my skin red & chafed. I'm a trooper so I may try the waxing again to test the results. If not, I still have a great place & person for my nail needs.
Chau V.
Arlington, VA
Bella is by far one of the best nail salons I've been to. I've been here twice and had a great experience each time. If you go here, then you have to request Judy! She is the best! She took very good care of me from the very beginning. She was patient and painted my nails exactly as I asked. She was also professional and friendly. I got a gel manicure and pedicure that lasted for greater than two weeks. I was amazed that my manicure and pedicure lasted for so long. Gel is definitely the way to go and worth every penny! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The salon itself is very clean and nice. The chairs are also comfortable and relaxing.
Katie R.
Germantown, MD
Best place to get your nails done in Germantown, MD. They get busy so I'd recommend an appointment, especially on a weekend. I've been helped by multiple technicians, in general they are friendly and accommodating. Bring cash if you want to tip.
Vicki C.
Clarksburg, MD
So I cheated on my regular salon because this place is right next to my house. I was in a time crunch. I requested Kathy as many Yelp reviewers had suggested but she was off so I had asked for Kim, whom was very sweet. :-)

-Hands and feet were well taken care of with proper scrubbing, cuticle cutting, and polish
-Quiet and clean environment
-Calming music (classical/spa like)
-Awesome massage chair
-Great massages when given a pedicure
-Given the hot towel treatment for a classic pedicure (some places don't do this)
-Friendly and no gossiping amongst the staff
-All the above = nap

-Bit pricey than my regular shop
-Didn't see as many Essie colors as previous reviewers had mentioned

Will return for a quickie mani and pedi again! Don't forget the cash for tip but you can pay the services with plastic.
Serena Z.
Oakton, VA
Got my nails done by Judy yesterday and I loved it! She was very patient and friendly with me, and she really paid attention to detail. My nails turned out really nice. The salon was beautiful and very clean with plenty of space. Bella is definitely one of the best salons I've been to. Judy is the best!
Katie T.
Clarksburg, MD
I am very satisfied with my recent visit at Bella. The salon's atmosphere is relaxing. I got my gel manicure and gel pedicure done by Judy and I totally love it. I like that she paid attention to little details. I am very impressed with her skills and techniques. She is lovely. I definitely request her again.
Kelsey S.
Germantown, MD
I've been to Bella several times now. The excellent Yelp reviews persuaded me to try this salon instead of another local salon I had become a regular at. This morning I had my best experience yet! I started with a pedicure by Phuong, who provided my best pedicure EVER. She was very thorough, spending what I consider more than usual time massaging my legs and feet. After painting my nails, she went back over every one with a brush to ensure any excess was removed. I would highly recommend her for a pedicure. Since she does not do gel manicures, I was switched over to Bill.

Bill was very meticulous when giving the manicure. He made sure my nail length matched, I was happy with the shape, and took his time cleaning up my cuticles. He was also very gentle when filing and roughing my nails with the block. I have found others in this salon to be rough and even scratching the skin on my fingers. He was easy to understand and did a great job on my nails!

The location is easy to access and there's always plenty of parking. As other Yelpers have mentioned, the interior is very nice, relaxing, and pretty new! I have never made an appointment, always walking in and being served within 10 minutes.

My two complaints from previous visits (and reason for 4 stars, not 5) are that some technicians are rough when filing nails. Also, one time the technician was impatient to wait for my gel polish to 'soak' off, ending up picking at the polish instead of using the tool to scrape it off. I found this very unprofessional. Otherwise, they seem to go out of their way to make you happy if you want a special design or something done with your nails. Give them a try!
Alice D.
Rockville, MD
I have been to Bella nail salon for almost a year! I have been to many nail salons before from New York to DC... Became pretty picky about the salon environment and the staff... Bella nail salon has met all my criteria with its clean and relaxing environment, friendly staff and quality meni and pedi! Rachael has been taking care of me for a while... She is really sweet, patient and attention to details!
Lindsey W.
Bethesda, MD
I love all the staff at Bella! I've been going to get my manicure and pedicure there for over a year! I've worked with most of the staff depending on how busy they are when I arrive. On weekends I'd advise to call ahead and make an appointment or if you walk in you may have to wait 20-30 minutes. Weekdays it's pretty easy to walk in and get a chair. Owner is always in and very helpful! Very relaxing salon and always does a great job!
Demi D.
Raleigh, NC
I am so impressed with this salon. The location is great. I'm def willing to drive to Germantown from Montgomery Village since this spot is right next to Wegmans. It's a win win.
The interior of this location is beautiful, very serene with a relaxing fountain at the front. Maybe silly to mention, but it really does a lot for the ambiance. Calm spa like music plays as well.
Also a huge plus that this place is well ventilated. No strong acetone smell..
Another plus- huge polish selection which is very exciting for me. I love trying new colors and designs.
Staff is wonderful. The gentleman who is manager is warm and friendly and helpful.
But my biggest accolades go to Kathy. She did my mani at my first visit here and now I will never see anyone else. Beautiful work and takes her time. So sweet and gives amazing hand massage as part of the mani. I'm sold! Will be a loyal customer here.
Molly T.
Germantown, MD
Great place! Had a wonderful experience with Mia. I would recommend for groups as they have lots of stations and pedicure chairs altogether. I will be back!
Ginger K.
Burlingame, CA
Great place, nice people and awesome nails!
Denise L.
Germantown, MD
I love awesome customer service!!!

Leave it to me to call within the last hour of business needing a mani/pedi. To my surprise they invited me over and I got there as fast as I could. Within 45 mins I was manicured, pedicured, massaged and loving my nails! I will definitely continue to visit this salon.
Yenni P.
Germantown, MD
This is the first time I've been to this salon. It's nice and beautifully designed. It's also very spacious and has over 10 different pedicure seats.

My go-to nail technician is Kim! I have been going to her for years and I love her work. ...I'm pretty particular about how I want my nails to look and she always makes them look beautiful. I also love her art work. She designs my toes for me and they always come home looking pretty ;o)
Gloria C.
Washington, DC
I've been going to this nail salon for a some time now. When I first tried this place out, I got Kathy as my tech and I freaking love her! She's very gentle and kind of gives off this calming vibe. She doesn't really chatter off with the other techs. They keep it professional unlike most nail salons. Anywho, she does a wonderful job and is pretty meticulous about making sure things look perfect, which I really appreciate. I feel the pricing is pretty moderate and the norm for this area as well.

If you ever need a mani/pedi done, please book an appointment Kathy!
Eunice K.
Montgomery County, MD
So... okay.

5 stars because I really can't find anything wrong with this place. Had a manicure and pedicure with Kathy and I loved it. She's def a perfectionist and will make sure your polish is not only on perfectly but will make sure you're happy with the shape of your nails and cleans up your cuticles very well.

The place is clean and spacious-- they always have relaxing music on and it really tempts me to fall asleep during pedicures (in a good way). They take cards (V/MC) as a form of payment but bring cash for tip.

Thank you for finally opening a nail shop in Germantown that is worth going to!!
Jane D.
Silver Spring, MD
Beautiful interior with a calming waterfall wall. Great service, fair prices. Kathy is your girl. I love this place!
Massiel G.
Germantown, MD
I really loved this place so nice never to to packed and so close by me. I went to see Kathy and I love her she is great!!! She is always so neat takes her time does the job perfectly I got gel manicure and pedi. Will be coming here!!! And I recommend to see Kathy!!!
Joia J.
Germantown, MD
I've been here a few times and love everything about it! From the professional treatment I receive to the beautiful work done - this IS the place to go for an affordable manicure and pedicure!
Julie D.
Rockville, MD
By far the cleanest, most friendly and best priced salon around. There is no one good person who works there, they are all great.
Feel very comfortable there and always walk out relaxed and satisfied!
Erica D.
Germantown, MD
I went to this nail salon for the first time today. I think I have found a new place for my pedicures. The facility has a nice calming feel to it. The staff is really nice. The services are definitely affordable! My overall experience was a great one. I will def me back.
Evelyn C.
Silver Spring, MD
This place is brand new and absolutely amazing. I've been 3x and have had great service every time. My most recent experience was with Kathy, who did an incredible job on my pedi and gel mani. She paints perfectly, I'll definitely be going back to see her!
Heidi F.
Gaithersburg, MD
Very pretty and clean salon. Well ventillated. There wasn't a wait for my appointment and they allow walk ins.
Megan H.
Germantown, MD
Lanvy is your girl - the meticulousness in her work ensures that your cuticles are happy and your polish is flawless. There isn't much more you can ask for when it comes to a nail salon except for it to be clean and organized, and Bella delivers on both accounts. There's a massive wall of nail polish colors to chose from and it is incredibly spacious inside. Water is also available upon request.
Jillian P.
Germantown, MD
I am sure to become addicted to this place. Not only are they meticulous about the work they do, I have never been to a nail salon where the employees are so friendly and happy. Even the owner is friendly and clearly respectful of the employees - which creates a very pleasant atmosphere and experience. So refreshing!
I have to add that it is also designed beautifully. It raises the bar for nail salons in moco for sure!!!
Tila V.
Gaithersburg, MD
Kim does a spectacular job with my manicure and pedicure. She is detailed and professional. I've been going to Kim for the past four years, and I will never see anyone else!
Jumana A.
Germantown, MD
Loved Bella's! It will be my regular nail and waxing place! I have had regular nail salons, try-outs, and so many disappointments but this place is seriously great so far!! I will tell all my friends and family about it. Clean, relaxing and elegant! The prices are great! It's brand new, opened up about 5 months ago and the staff is professional and sweet! Go get your spring mani and pedi here!!! Oh and great colorful selection!
Jackie R.
Silver Spring, MD
Kathy did my nails yesterday and they look great ! it was a simple color change since another salon I went too the lady was a crook and kept trying to add on. not this place ! they simply ask you what you want , how would you like it . place is impeccable and the most comfortable pedicure chairs I've been on . I took a brochure with me home. I will definitely be a regular !!!
Kwest C.
Germantown, MD
Very Relaxing Atmosphere, Not Only Is There A Beautiful Water Fall. The Soft Music In The Background And Refreshments As Well As Water Is Offered. Nail Tech Rachael Has Very Soft Hands And Does Amazing Work. She Is Very Sweet. I Love The Massage Chair. I Wanted To Fall Asleep That Is How Peaceful Bella Lifestle is. This Will Be My Go To Nail Spa.
Laura H.
Sebastian, FL
Been to this salon twice now and enjoyed the experience both times. I drive farther just to come to this salon because I've tried others in the Clarksburg/Germantown area that I didn't like. Fair prices, relaxing experience and the owner checks in to make sure you're doing well, offers water, etc. Great experience!
April R.
Germantown, MD
Awesome nail place!!! loved how meticulous my nail tech was about getting it right the first time. I noticed her attention to detail right away. I liked that! By the way, it's on Seneca Meadow Prkway where Wegman's is not Seneca Rd
Kathleen K.
Germantown, MD
This place is amazing for nails ! I just moved here from out of town and thank god for yelp, it couldn't have been more accurate. Kathy spent her time and did a beautiful job with a gel manicure. It's a very relaxing place too I felt like I was in an upscale luxury nail salon, for an inexpensive price. I gave it 4 stars because the waxing wasn't good at all , I had growth within a day or two already with my brows and lip area. It didn't feel like strong wax when it was being done so this is probably the reason. I won't go anywhere else for my nails but I won't do waxing again.
Karen C.
Bethesda, MD
BEST SALON!!! I have been going here for a while now and have always seen Kathy; she is a GEM!! I am constantly getting compliments on my nails, as she is clearly a perfectionist. The salon is the cleanest, most sanitized that I have ever been in. The staff couldn't be friendlier and I find their prices more than reasonable. It is ALWAYS such a pleasurable experience.
Maggie S.
Gaithersburg, MD
I just had a spa pedi and gel mani done by Tasha and I am so happy! She is so sweet and talented :) the salon is brand new (only 6 months old) and super clean. I will definitely return!!!
Jennifer J.
Germantown, MD
I took my hubby to Bella on his birthday weekend and they were amazing. Jennifer was so nice and friendly. Offered us beverages and took great care of us. I had a hard time finding my "go to" salon but this is is! Clean. Bright. Friendly. Great polish selection.
Solace C.
Clarksburg, MD
Well the sun is out, and my feet needs to wear sandals but first I must give them love, and I was too lazy to drive to the Village to my beloved Phoenix. So I go in,and the customer service guys are friendly and nice. Im seen almost immediately.... everyone should already know you mind as well go pick color first like a sheep... the place is neat with nice decor...The massage chairs are the best in the area. They have differently pedicure packages, I chose for the signature one and basically you get a nice leg scrub with mask and massage... I opted out for the paraffin as I have one of those machines at home. All the techs seem happy and arent motor mouths among themselves talking in their native tongues about us... We all know where they do that hemmm (passions) but its a very professional enviroment. I like how the pedicure place is somewhat secluded in a more private setting, meaning the people getting their nails done doesnt have to stare at us or vice versa. I like how the have a nice waterfall on the left.. My pedi- wasnt rushed, it was very nicely done. I like the foot scrub she used. It smelled sooo good. They have a great selection of nail polishes. Not the cheap crap stuff either! They had a nice selection of Essie!! I was like hell yea!!! I picked a nice shade. Overall, I would recommend this place, a little pricy but hey, your getting a nice pedi, a nice scrub and a nice massage to go with it. Oh yeah, when I went to go pay, the guy was like your first time here? I was like yea. Here is a $5 coupon for next time!! Im sold.... So before or after my dreaded grocery run to Wegmans Ill go here. I wish they served cheese and wine here...Oh well..
L. H.
Washington, DC
This place is GREAT! What a fantastic find. It's clean, spacious, and relaxing. The pedicure chairs have a waterfall and walls separating them to make them more private. The seats do a great job massaging your back. The nail treatments are priced right ($38 for a classic mani/pedi combo, or a classic mani with signature pedi for $50). Everyone was very friendly and understood exactly what I wanted to do with my nails. They also had a ton of fresh, fun colors to choose from. The experience was great and I would definitely go back!
Serena N.
Germantown, MD
I came here with two friends. I called about thirty minutes beforehand to make sure they could accommodate us and they were ready for us when we arrived. The decor is very nice and classy compared to many other salons in the area, which is also reflected in the higher price. I had Christy and she was really nice and did a good job with both my pedicure and manicure. Both of my friends also had good experiences with their nail technicians. I would come back again for a fancy occasion.
Nami S.
Gaithersburg, MD
I'd been here a day before Memorial day. The spa was super clean with beautiful water fall. Brilliant design and plenty colors to choose. and one important things that the customer service is incredible.
LANVY did my medi and pedi. She is young and also a profession in nail tech. I done gel Meni and her tech just make me go crazy. Im addict to the way my nails look after she done it. She was funny and always smile. She done everything i ask for and the result was beyond my expectation. It was sooooo sooooo soooo goood. Not just how she do it but how she make you feel when she does it. She give me such a relaxing feeling. PERFECT masssage that could throw all of my tired away. I love her so bad. And I'll comeback for her for sure.
I think it worth a try. The price worth the product. And if you come over.. Try to make an appt. with LANVY i think she the best in the spa (opinion :p)
Deutz D.
Fresh Meadows, NY
This place is great! Customer service is great, the nail polish selections are endless and the place is beautiful, clean and organized! There is ample amount of parking as well! They did a great job on my mani/pedi. Highly recommend ! You won't regret it.
Sandy Z.
Gaithersburg, MD
I love this place
Cathy H.
Germantown, MD
Highly recommend! Very clean and organized salon. Friendly staff who are highly skilled. Go and do something nice for yourself and get a mani-pedi.
Dorothy N.
Gaithersburg, MD
I'm delighted that I found a place so close to my was very nice place and very clean. I was really pleasantly to come there to get nails done..Ty did my manicure and pedicure very good job. I was relaxed at pedicure chair with a nice music.they designed separate pedicures station that I felt private and cozy with the color, the lights. I definitely to come back again.
Grace H.
New York, NY
Very clean and elegant salon, doesn't have that chemical smell some nail salons have. Attentive service, they are Vietnamese but all speak very good English. The only thing negative is that I think it's just a tad pricy for the basic mani/pedi.
Jenny M.
Alexandria, VA
Well it's been 2 weeks since I got a gel mani from Bella Nails and it still looks great! No chipping and my nails are strong. I've tried literally every nail salon in Germantown with no satisfaction. This place is superb! Very clean, the decor and atmosphere is very spa-like and relaxing and they use top of the line products. They are very friendly and even offer you a bottle of water. I've finally found my salon! :). Btw, Lanvy is my nail tech. She's awesome, funny, friendly and does great work. She makes you feel welcome and relaxed.
Jen W.
St Petersburg, FL
Had a great experence at this place. The place was beautiful and spotless and they employees were wonderful. Will be going there again for sure.
Trina L.
Germantown, MD
Came a little over an hour before they closed. Not rushed and lots of color selection. Tranquil surroundings and felt at ease and pampered the entire time. Definitely my new nail salon.
Julie H.
Kentlands, MD
I had a special visit to Bella Nails with my daughter who was visiting. I wanted to treat her to a mom/daughter nail spa date. The salon is beautiful, granite countertops, a soothing waterfall, soothing, soft music, very modern and clean, no clutter. No strong smell of nail products either, which is bothersome to me at other salons.
We had another appointment to keep following our spa date so the owner and attendants were very attentive to our time frame. It was hard to choose colors from the great selection of essie, Color Club, OPI and more. We enjoyed our time at Bella, our nails looked beautiful and have already lasted 4 days without a chip! I highly recommend Bella (right next to the new Wegmans in Germantown).
Nancy B.
Boyds, MD
This is my first Yelp review but just wanted to let folks know this is a wonderful salon! I chose an upgraded pedicure & manicure it was a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for & it was wonderful. My technician was Julia, she provided me with a super relaxing leg & foot massage with my pedicure. The salon is very nicely appointed & clean. All the techs there are very friendly! This will be my new go to nail salon, I've checked out most of the local Germantown nail salons & Bella is the best!!
Samantha B.
Stevensville, MD
Linda was amazing! She did my eyebrows, pedicure, and because she did such a good job, i asked her to also do my manicure ($48.) She was very precise, gentle, and really made me feel like she was taking care of me. They offer a lot of options for spa related pedicures/manicures such as hot stones, special callus scrubs, and hot towels. I went for the most basic, but was still very impressed. A lot of color choices, very clean, with a beautiful spa environment. Best of all no nail salon smell! I will most certainly be returning, and would recommend!
Katie B.
Gaithersburg, MD
I came here the day before Mother's Day. Called ahead about 45 mins and made an appt. This place was wonderful. Fairly large, 12 pedicure chairs and 12 manicure stations. Several people walked in while I was getting a manicure, and my technician greeted them, although he never left in the middle of my manicure. He was not afraid to tell people they were busy, and ask them to come back at a specified time "Can you come back at 4:30?" And asked for their name, to essentially make them an appt. I was happy to see he didn't waste their time, as many other salons I have been to have done. I got a classic manicure and a spa pedicure. It was definitely worth the extra few dollars for the spa pedicure, the technician spent at least 10 mins massaging my feet and legs, along with a sugar scrub and hot towel treatment. . They were very busy, 6 other women were getting pedicures also( day before Mother's Day) , but I never felt crowded or rushed. It was a very wonderful exeperience, this place will be my new go to place.
A few other facts:
-They sanitize all tools and every customer they open a new sanitized pack of tools.
-All techs are required to wear a white coat /over shirt and a name tag.
- pedicure station separate from manicure stations
- water available on request. (Sometimes Andy the manager will come around and ask if you'd like some.
Sara Stoops
Love the place - so clean and the decor is beautiful! Andy is awesome and there are many others that are great too!
Joia Jones
LOVE the quality of service, atmosphere and friendly people! I've tried other local salons, but learned my lesson and continue to drive here for my pampering!
Stephanie Ann Hitchcock
Loved both my gel manicure and my acrylic nails that I got done here!
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Address: 20650 Seneca Meadows Pkwy. # C3 Germantown, MD 20876

Hours Of Operation:

Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sat: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Book An Appointment:

Please book appointment for better service

Phone: 301-916-8989

Walk-in also Welcome

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